My Story


It took me one month shy of two years, including the
time with the court appointee. I went Pro Se after my
attorney sat right in my face and had the mordacity to
tell me that perjury meant nothing and knowingly helped
the department to not only cover up the perjury but also
to cover up the abuse my daughter sustained at the very
hands of her captors in and out of foster homes, a
residential center at Hill Crest Education Center in Lenox, Mass.

I started by getting copies of all of my case notes
from the court appointee with him telling me that I
could only look at them and if I copied them he was off
of my case because (DSS)told him not to let me have
copies of my own case notes/documents as he told me
verbatim. I told him that was fine but that I needed to
take them home to look over them as I could not do that
over night because there were just to many of them there.
This attorney told me that was fine but with the reminder
of what will happen if I was to copy them. I said fine,
As I went through my case notes with a fine tooth comb
sort to speak. Day after day, night after night in between
everything else to follow.

Once I found the proof of all perjury, discrepancies
and out right lies, I also got proof of all of the abuse
my daughter sustained while in their custody. I went to
court and did what is called a disappearing on my attorney,
as I fired him when he told me perjury means nothing and
to get on with my life? I then told him, He and I do not
share the same values and I can not work with him. I then
started going to the law library looking up all laws regarding
dss's policies and procedure's, rules and regulations as
well as that of the state and federal laws.

I wrote to media, legislators, government officials, the
ombudsman's office in Boston at the dss main branch, the
area director, all of the higher ups at the main office in
Boston, Mass as well as the Leominster Office. I sent out
packages of all of my allegations/proof all over the place
to everyone and anyone who would listen. I did articles
to expose all corruption within the system and the departments
deliberate cover ups. I went to the State House and did
rallies with friends and family as well as supporters,
holding up signs, going in and out of the State House
talking to Legislators, Government Officials and my State
Representative, giving proof again to all of the above in

I bought all kinds of law books on my own as I documented
every single meeting with every one and anyone to do with
the system as well as taped any and all meetings within my
right with of course the knowledge and reluctant permission
of those involved through enforcing my right to do so. I
recorded the (DSS) worker, my daughters so called clinician,
the director of the program and the higher up next to her
as they planned how they were going to influence the out
come of an (ASAP) evaluation in an effort to permanently
keep my daughter. I recorded again (Legally) the clinician
again conspiring to set my daughter up to play with other
children in an inappropriate manner again in an effort to
keep her permanently. I then too started going to the
court house and sitting in on trials to see how other
attorney's represented their cases. I then too borrowed a
really good book called how to represent your self in court
from the law library, taking great notes of all important
factors, making a list of all witnesses to call during the
trial as well as pre writing all questions pertaining to
each individual to be called. Impeaching the court
investigator as well as taping live court t.v. For when I
was home during the evenings studying the laws and going
through case notes after case notes, documents after
documents, writing motion after motion.

I Did up all of my own motions, filed complaint after
complaint on all that applied within the systems/dss's
abuse/neglect, unfair and biased treatment, discrepancies,
perjures, and violations again within their own policies
and procedure's, rules and regulations, abuse of
discretion's etc... I letting nothing and no one get
in my way. I figured this way? They did not give a darn about my baby
and I did not give a darn about them. I did all of this
in-between tracking down all of the abuse, neglect and
traumatic experiences of my daughter (DSS) attempted to
cover up, and in-between driving for the first half of
year, One and a half hours both ways to visit my daughter
when ever allowed and the next Eleven Months driving Six
Hours round trip for the most part of it for a Two Hour
visit, including the one time I had to drive Six Hours
round trip to pick my daughter up for a three hour visit
but it had to be at our home and then another Six Hour
round trip to bring her back to Hill Crest so that I could
begin over nights. If I did not do this (DSS) would not
let me have over nights. I finally got the conspiracy and
all the necessary proof to sink the whole lot of them and
learned how to present it using the four basic methods of

(Opening and Closed Questions, Narrative and Leading
Questions as well as Cross Examining)and ready with my
final motion to go into court when the super visor asked
me not to go into court with my motion and they would give
me back my daughter. Just wanting this nightmare to end
I agreed, but not without filing a law suit against this
corrupt department and all guilty parties involved. I was
not about to let fear get the best of me. I put fear in my
back pocket and did what ever I had to within the law.
And I never, ever told anyone within the system what I was
doing nor up to until after I did it. I let them all find
out at the same time so as they had no opportunity to
block anything. Please Parents, Advocates, and Care Takers,
Have faith in God and put all fear in our back pocket and
all else will pre avail. May the love and faith in Our
higher power bring truth, justice and protection to all.
Sincerely, Audrey S. Paskell

Last Updated: March 9, 2016